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LED UV Nail Dryer ES-100


[Enfren UV GEL Nail Polish Dryer Feature & Advantages]

*  Strong Power, Quick drying (hardening) Ability

*  Environment-friendly UV LED safe to the skin and proved was applied

*  Easy operating System (automatic recognition – movement – completion)

*  C/S cost saving owing to stable quality

*  User-oriented ergonomics design embodied

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  • LED UV Nail Dryer ES-100

    LED UV Nail Dryer ES-100


A. Strong Power, Quick drying (hardening) Ability

- Strong  POWER

As a 1W class SMD Type UV Power LED is built-in, drying  speed is very quick, and time saving and work efficiency  improved

- Quick drying (hardening) ability: GEL drying within 30~45 seconds

- ES-50 (3 pieces of 1W POWER LED, 4W) : Drying for both the Base and manicure is possible within 30, 45 seconds respectively.

Base & Top Gel : 30 sec / Color Gel : 45 sec

*Existing product: Mostly less than 4W

< ES-100 SMD LED Chip>

es-100-smd-led-chip picture


B. Environment-friendly UV LED safe to the skin and proved was applied

- Environment-friendly UV LED safe to the skin and proved was applied

- Enfren GEL Dryer applied the SMD type UV Power LED of 405nm  frequency

: Since the UV-A (320-400nm), UV-B (290-320nm) emitted from the existing UV fluorescent are not discharged, it is safe to the skin

<UV LED Wave Length>

es-100-uv-led-wave-lemgth Pictire

* UV POWE LED Remarkable Advantages *

1. Eco-friendly LED lighting

: LED is eco-friendly as it does not use heavy metal such as mercury etc unlike the fluorescent

2. Drying is fast and strong as a light efficiency is high.

: Light efficiency is 3~5 times higher compared to the UV fluorescent

3. Many long hours use is possible as its life span is long

: Since the LED life span is about 50,000 hours, it is possible to use 6~8 times as long as the

UV fluorescent

4. Irradiating range is wider with the light dispersion angle against the existing lamp type LED.

: The lamp type is about 60°, but the SMD type is over  2 times wider with maximum 144°

5. Inferiority is few and safety is high by the use of small  number of LEDs.

As it use only minimum 1/5~maximum 1/10 level compared  to the lamp type, inferiority is low and

cost loss caused by  replacement is small.


C.Touch Sensor automatic movement method adopted

A system that once the hand is naturally put at the product’s lower part, it automatically recognize

and move was embodied (automatic recognition – movement – completion)

- As it equipped with a static capacity method touch sensor that moves after sensing the electric

current running in a man’s body, it is possible to use without wrong functioning from static

electricity or outside influence irrespective of day & night.

- It is normally operating even if it is stained with manicure, foreign substance etc or contaminated

- As a Timer is built-in, it automatically close after operating.

<Working Picture>

es-100-side-hand picture


D. C/S cost saving owing to stable quality

- Aluminum material LED PCB applied : LED life span improvement and reliability improvement

on account of the aluminum PCB use of superior heat protection structure.

- Use of the exclusive LED Driver IC : Product’s safety improvement through static current supply.

<ES-100 Aluminium PCB>

es-100-pcb-aluminium picture


E. User-oriented ergonomics design embodied

- LED position is adjusted different to each other considering the user’s convenience, position

and angle of the thumb : thumb LED is arranged at a right angle (90°) to left & right respectively

- Stand-by/movement: Indication LED is arranged on the product’s upper part

<ES-100 Placement Drawing>



<ES-100 Color Variation>



F. Specification


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