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Company specialized in LED lighting and LED application products - Enfren

ENFREN CO., LTD. which was established in January 2003 is a company specialized in developing LED lighting and LED application products, and is also providing OEM / ODM services.

ENFREN CO., LTD. has developed the unique design of DESK LAMP products including LED DESK LAMP, LED MAGNIFIER, etc. and LED application products such as LED GEL DRYER, etc., and has been exporting them to a total of 11 countries including the Americas, Japan and Europe as well as selling in the domestic market, and have received good reputation from our customers.

We will do our best to provide the products and services to meet the need of customers through continuous research and development in the future.

Thank you

Enfren Co., Ltd CEO Kim Seog Jin

Kim, Seok-Jin



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