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<About ENFREN Brand>

EN FREN brand includes the commitment of employees towards customers that we will develop and provide the good products for the eyes, eco-friendly and energy-saving products only.


ENERGY        +  FRIENDLY  Energy-saving products

ENVIRONMENT +  FRIENDLY  Environment-friendly products

EYE            +  FRIENDLY  Products good for eyes (eye protection)


<Main Products>

▶LED Desk Lamp, LED Magnifier, LED GEL DRYER, Air purifier


< Authorized Certificate>


▶KOTRA Seal of Excellence Company

▶The Excellent Company Brand of Seoul



▶The Best Trademark Award 2008(awarded by Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO),

▶VIP (Very Important Product) of ASIA 2008,2010 (awarded by Aving news)


<Patent & Rights>

▶ Utility model registration  & Registered with design etc: 10

▶ Trade mark registration: 1

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