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Ultra Mini Size LED GEL Lamp, Portable Nail Dryer, ES-20

Enfren Portable LED NAIL DRYER ES-20

A. Compact & Slim Design
- Ultra Mini Size and light weight: Easily carry anywhere.
- 6.4 x 7.9 x 5.3 cm, body weight: 43g

B. Using several source of electric power
- Possible to use AC Adaptor, PC(LAPTOP),Smarter phone battery pack
etc. With USB mini cable

C.Strong Power, Quick drying (hardening) Ability
- Strong POWER
As a 1W class SMD Type UV Power LED is built-in, drying speed is very quick, and time
saving and work efficiency improved

- Quick drying (hardening) ability: GEL drying within 20~30 seconds
- ES-20 (for home: 1 piece of 1.4W POWER LED)
: Drying for manicure is possible within 30seconds respectively

D. Environment-friendly UV LED safe to the skin and proved was applied
- Environment-friendly UV LED safe to the skin and proved was applied
- Enfren GEL Dryer applied the SMD type UV Power LED of 405nm frequency
: Since the UV-A (320-400nm), UV-B (290-320nm) emitted from the existing UV fluorescent are not discharged, it is safe to the skin

E.Touch Sensor automatic movement method adopted

A system that once the hand is naturally put at the product’s lower part, it automatically recognize and move was embodied (automatic recognition – movement – completion)
- As it equipped with a static capacity method touch sensor that moves after sensing the
electric current running in a man’s body, it is possible to use without wrong functioning from
static electricity or outside influence irrespective of day & night.
- It is normally operating even if it is stained with manicure, foreign substance etc or
- As a Timer is built-in, it automatically close after operating.

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