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Dry Nail Polish in 30 seconds! Enfren Premium LED GEL dryer ES-100

Enfren Premium LED GEL dryer ES-100
Feature & Advantages
• Strong Power, Quick drying (hardening) Ability
• Environment-friendly UV LED safe to the skin and proved was applied
• Easy operating System (automatic recognition – movement – completion)
• C/S cost saving owing to stable quality
• User-oriented ergonomics design embodied
NAIL Dryer ES-100 saves your precious time.
NAIL Dryer ES-100 is fast. The NAIL Dryer ES-100 equipped with powerful SMD LED bakes gel quickly, you do not need to wait for a long time, and work efficiency is high, which saves your precious time.
NAIL Dryer ES-100 is powerful.
The NAIL Dryer ES-100 equipped with 0.5W SMD LED which is equivalent to 5-8 general lamp-type LED, has a strong power with only 12 LEDs and burn gel really well.
In general, the base and top gel can be cured in about 20 seconds, and color gel can be cured in about 30 seconds.
NAIL Dryer ES-100 is safe for the skin.
Unlike existing products using UV fluorescent lamp, nail watch uses LED emitting 405nm wavelength range, so you can use it safely because UV-A (320-400nm) or UV-B (290-320nm), ultraviolet rays harmful to the skin do not emit.
"LED used in nail watch has been adopted by OP* in the United States and is supplied in bulk, and it is the product of the company whose safety and reliability have been already proven."
NAIL Dryer ES-100 is easy and simple.
Easy operating System (PATENT REGISTERED)
Touch Sensor automatic movement method adopted A system that once the hand is naturally put at the product's lower part, it automatically recognize and move was embodied (automatic recognition – movement – completion)
• As it equipped with a static capacity method touch sensor that moves after sensing the electric current running in a man's body, it is possible to use without wrong functioning from static electricity or outside influence irrespective of day & night
• It is normally operating even if it is stained with manicure, foreign substance etc or contaminated
• As a Timer is built-in, it automatically close after operating

NAIL Dryer ES-100 is available anytime, anywhere.
It uses 100 ~ 240V Free Voltage adapter, so it is available abroad.

NAIL Dryer ES-100 is economical because it can be used for a long time.
The nail watch does not need to replace the lamp frequently like a fluorescent product and compared to the products using normal LED in low-cost, it has almost no chance of failure (approximately 1/15 level only), so it is available products safely for a long time.
User-oriented ergonomics design embodied
• LED position is adjusted different to each other considering the user's convenience, position and angle of the thumb
: thumb LED is arranged at a right angle (90°) to left & right respectively
• Stand-by/movement: Indication LED is arranged on the product's upper part
Please trust and use NAIL Dryer ES-100 confidently.
To all products made from ENFREN CO., LTD. specialized in LED application products and exporting to overseas countries, one year warranty systems are applied. You can use it with confidence without worrying about exchange or A/S.

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