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LED Magnifier desk lamp EF-200


[Enfren EF–200 LED Magnifier Desk Lamp]

Combined Magnifier and LED Chips

- An Extra Large Non-Spherical Multi Angular Lens

- Eyesight Protection  & Worsened Eyesight Prevention

* Environment-friendly / Increased Product Life Span / Minimized Electricity Consumption

- Equipped with High Brightness LED of Korea

* Convenience Feature for Users

- 2 Pieces of Flexible Spring Tube

- A Head Filter for Dazzling Prevention

- 3 Steps Dimming Function/Touch Sensor

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  • EF-200 LED Magnifier Desk Lamp

    EF-200 LED Magnifier Desk Lamp


*** LED Magnifier Desk Lamp ***

New Concept of a Desk Lamp equipped with Aspheric Multi focus Magnifier Lens and

Environmentally friendly, high efficiency LED Chips.

- Elderly Users who feel uncomfortable due to presbyopia when reading a  small sized book such as

the Bible, a Paper etc.

- Professionals who work for Patents, Designs and Drawings.

- It is very effective to people who work for Delicate Hand-Crafted such as Repair, Quilting and

Handicraft etc. in a dark place daily.


*** Good Point the Lens ***

Strong Points of EF-200 Non Spherical Multi Angular Lens

- Providing Clear Magnified View without Distortion from Any Angle

- Long Time Reading is possible

- Due to Extra-Large Sized Lens, it is convenience that you can read both sides of a book at a


: Lens Size : 112X155mm, Viewable area: about 30X40cm, Magnification ratio : X2

- No Risk of Damage because of light PC Material

- Improving Transmissivity of Lens caused by Various Coating

<Spherical aberration>

The blurring of an image that occurs when light from the margin of a lens or mirror with a spherical surface comes to a shorter focus than light from the central portion. The changing focal length is caused by deviations in the lens or mirror surface from a true sphere.  It may cause dizziness and headaches. (Not available for a long time)

<About Non-Spherical Multi Angular Lens>

- Non Spherical Aberration

- Providing Clear Magnified View without Distortion from Any Angle for a Long Time.


A. Eye Protection  & Worsened Eyesight Prevention

* Clear non-spherical Lens and No blink LED Chips are very effective for Prevention of Weakening

Vision caused by presbyopia.

* It is essential for students who have to study and read a book  because of its excellence of Eye

Protection and Prevention of visual loss.

* Using DC electric power, protect your eye sight (No Lights Blinking)

<EF-200 Magnification>



B. Environment Friendly High Brightness LED

* A Pollution-free Environment-friendly LED

- Not included mercury which is used  for fluorescent products

* High Brightness SMD LED from Seoul Semiconductor

- More Bright, Wider Illuminating Angle

- Excellent Protection against heat

* Equipped Metal PCB with Dazzling Protection Cover.

(Using “LUMIPLAS” : Increasing Light Diffusion and excellent Anti-dazzling effect)

<SMD LED Chip - Seoul Semiconductor>



C. Power Consumption & Long Life Span

*6 times cheaper electric cost than the fluorescent bulb

*6 times longer life span than fluorescent bulb(Semi-permanent)

<Power Consumption Chart>


D. 2 Pieces of Spring Tube

New Design for the Users’ Convenience.

Using 2 Pieces of Flexible Spring Tube, Easy for adjusting the height and angle of Lamp head.

<EF-200 2 step Spring Tube>


E. Dimming Function & Touch  Sensor

* Equipped with a DIMMING function which is available to control 3 steps brightness(Off-1-2-3).

* PWM(Pulse Width Modulation) Touch System

: LED Lifetime Extension and Increased Reliability of the Touch Switch.

<EF-200 Dimming Control Panel>

F. EF-200 LED Magnifier Product Color

<EF-200 Wooden>


<EF-200 White>


<EF-200 Black>



G. Lens Specification


H. LED Magnifier Specification



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