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LED desk lamp EL-250


[Enfren EL–250 LED Desk Lamp]

* High luminance SMD LED mounted

* Metal PCB is  in use

* Compact & Slim Design

* Convenient function enhanced

* High Senstivity touch circuit built -in

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  • EL 250 LED Desk Lamp

    EL 250 LED Desk Lamp


A. High luminance SMD LED mounted

* Patent free Korean-made high luminance SMD Type LED  Mounted

- 18 pieces of the 0.5W class from Seoul Semiconductor are in use

- Brighter (maximum 1,620 lux), wider irradiating angle(maxim 180˚) secured

- Stable LED quality through excellent heatproof structure

<High luminance SMD LED mounted>


B. Metal PCB is  in use

*Aluminum PCB and exclusive Heat Sink are in use

- Stable LED quality and reliability secured upon the use for long time

* Heatproof function enhanced by the air circulating type structure design for the head part

<Metal PCB>



C. Compact & Slim Design

* The most suitable design for the use environment on a small desk:

- Slim & Compact structure : Occupying area on the desk inimized.

Product size : 375(height) x 195(diameters)mm.when folded : 420 x 195 x 80 mm

- By the multi-articular design the angle and direction adjustment is very handy

<EL-250 Head Moveing>


* Strong struture against vibration :

- It was solidly fixed by an articular part adjustment screw

<Folded Pictures>



D. Convenient function enhanced

* Protective cover against dazzle mounted

- Exclusive LED ‘LUMIPLUS’of LG Chem is in use

<Head Cover of LUMIPLUS of LG Chem >


* Free  Voltage  adapter in use

- 100~240V  Free Voltage / PSE, ETL, CE etc-Certified adapter is in use




E. High Senstivity touch circuit built -in

Built-in high sensitivity touch circuit by exclusive MICOM

- It is possible to adjust minute brightness by the respective UP/DOWN 7 stages

- PWM type high sensitivity touch sensor circuit applied

- Power supply switch separately applied : One touch on/off  Possible

<Dimming Control Panel>


F. Specification


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